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                                                                                                                                                                                                        We have been successfully working in Cincinnati since 2010.

  The owner and a president of NES Centers - Victoriya Szturm established her first center in Russia back in 1999.

Mrs.Szturm created a step by step ESL program and achieved incredible results.

  Being a bi-lingual, she created age appropriate programs for ESL learners and helped thousands of foreign students.

За многие годы, наш центр заслужил многочисленные награды и был неоднократно признан бизнесом  месяца Cincinnati. Про нас часто пишут в газетах, но не это является нашей главной гордостью.

Наша самая большая гордость, награда и похвала - наши многочисленные студенты, которые спустя многие годы, навещают нас, пишут нам письма, и записывают уже своих детей на наши курсы.

Отзывы наших студентов, вы можете просмотреть и почитать здесь.



В нашем центре более 175 преподавателей из разных стран.

Основные преподаватели и сотрудники наших центров представлены ниже.

За многие годы работы, эти преподаватели заслужили больше всего наград и благодарностей, добросовестно, не жалея себя, работали во благо наших студентов.



(Cincinnatti, OH, USA)

Victoria started working on ESL program in 1995.

She opened her first Learning Center in Russia, then relocated to the United States and opened a center in Cincinnati, OH.

Victoria had graduated Krasnodar University (Social-Cultural Service Faculty) and got her Master's degree, then moved to Germany

and was studying at Heidelberg University (Germany), then relocated to the United States and got one more Master's degree in

Pschycology and Teaching.

Succesfully opened branches of NES Learning Center in Russia and was managing all branches personally.

Currently Victoria is working on 3 books and 2 interactive programs and creating a free video-vocabulary, and free video-lessons,

which are posted on our youtube channel, Instagram and in Facebook group.

Victoria is personally interviewing students and teachers, checking students' progress and traveling with NES groups all over the

United States.

Victoria has numerous certificates and awards, has 2 state licenses for teaching and tremendous experience in teaching ESL.

Thousands of students all over the world are grateful to Victoria for easy and effective ESL programs and learning centers.

Peter is one of the best teachers we have ever had.

He had been working with NES students since April of 2012.

Speaks 4 languages: English, French, Spanish and German and he is learning Russian as well.

Peter has over 18 years of experience in preparing students for the University of Cambridge exams:


  Peter had helped many of our students to prepare for different tests and exams over the years.

Currently Peter is working with our students individually and with groups online, teaching Speech Practice.


International House Teacher Training, 106 Piccadilly London W1V 9FL

Feb to March 1994

RSA/ UCLES Certificate Course in the Teaching of English as a Foreign Language to Adults

(University of Cambridge)

BA Honours degree: German (University of London)

Brian had joined our team in 2014 and impressed everyone with his hard work and

outstanding results.

Being a University professor, Brian had helped to prepare our students for


Brian has Bachelor's Degree; 2 Master's degrees and Doctor's degree.

Well educated, very responsible and dedicated teacher.

Work experience in marketing, statistics and customer research

Teaching Math, Social Scienses, Sciense Business, etc.

Brian had helped many of NES students with different subjects and all students succesfully

passed Univerisy tests.


   Richard had been working at NES Learning Center since 2010.

He had been checking students' progress, travelled to Russia personally for certification of our groups

and was had been teaching ESL and Business English via Skype.

Richard had been promoted to Financial Director and had helped our center to develop faster.

Being very busy with his own business (Ice Rink Center), Richard has always helped our students by teaching Speech Practice Course and Business English in Financial field.

Richard is a financial advisor on investments and stock market.

Richard had participated in our numerous trips with students around the United States

("Travel and Learn English" program), and educated hundreds of NES students.

He has started making short videos for our students, where he is sharing interesting facts

(posted on Instagram @new_english_study and our Facebook group "Learn English with NES").

Richard has Bachelors degree in Business Management, Bachelors degree in Business Marketing from UC. Graduated Middletown High School was a member of the National Honor Society. Captain of UC Hockey Team for 2 seasons. Editor for Rink Magazine from 1997 to 2006, President of Evendale Management Association 1987 to 1992, Played minor professional hockey for

Chicago Cardinals 1983-84, Refereed professional hockey 1990 to 1996,

Owner of Northland Ice Rink 1983 to present


   Lana - manager of NES Centers abroad, staff supervisor, Pre-K Instructor.

Lana had joined our team in Russia in 2009 and was supervising our branches abroad.

She had been a big accet to our center and after many years of hard work, we have brought her to

the United States, to work at our center in Cincinnati, OH.

Lana had been teaching Russian as a foreign language to our little students and her groups showed great

progress. She is enjoying working with little kids and they all love her a lot.

Lana had been promoted in 2018 and became a CEO's assistent.

She is assisting us in opening new branches in the United States and supervising the staff.

Lana has numerous awards for dedicated work and parent's choice award.

Currently, she is taking ESL grammar course via skype with our students.

We always have a line of students waiting to be signed up for her lessons.






(Cincinnati, OH, USA)



Financial Director


(Cincinnati, OH, USA)



(CIncinnati, OH, USA)